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Created with Sketch. If European businesses that are VAT registered in France import goods that are intended for the European market and cleared through French customs, the VAT deferment can be applied on import.

This mechanism allows businesses to declare and deduct VAT on their turnover declaration CA3 monthly or quarterly VAT return and therefore avoid paying VAT when goods are imported and then apply for a refund. When your VAT deferment request has been approved by Customs the territorially competent Economic Action Centerplease inform FedEx so we jemeni nő találkozó make a note of your new situation.

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You will site népszerű meeting france notified of the amount of VAT on your customs declaration but only customs duties will be paid in advance by FedEx and appear on a Duty and Tax invoice.

Where possible, we will contact you in advance with an estimated cost flörtölni telefon Duties and Taxes prior to your shipment being assessed by French Customs.

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However, this is not always possible and we are often not aware of the charges levied until after we have delivered your package. What if I have already paid Duty and Tax? I paid Tax when I purchased this item Goods purchased from outside of France may be subject to tax charges from the originating country and the shipper may charge you for this.

If this is the case, French Customs import charges will still be levied when the goods enter France, as this is a separate charge. I pre-paid Duty and Tax charges before delivery At the time of import, you may be charged an estimated figure.

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This is calculated prior to an assessment of your shipment by French Customs. If the estimate is lower than the final charge you will be required to pay the difference, and if it is higher we will refund the difference. If the amount of your invoice is different to the amount you pre-paid, please get in touch with FedEx Customer Service.

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I believe the shipper paid for all charges relating to this shipment Duty and Tax charges are site népszerű meeting france assessed until the shipment enters France. If your shipper has advised they have paid FedEx for these charges, this usually relates to the payment they have made for transportation charges and not Duty or Tax. I am a temporary visitor to France You will need to pay the import charges but may be entitled to claim the charges back when you leave France.

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This depends on the individual circumstances of your package. Please contact Customer Service on for further information. I purchased my goods online The prices advertised on websites outside of the EU often do not include French Duty. This can make products appear cheaper when compared to French prices. For more information and advice visit the French Customs dedicated website The shipment is a gift Items up to The sender must be a private individual and the consignee must take delivery at a private address.

The gift must be sent free of charge and be of an site népszerű meeting france nature". The word "gift" must be marked on the Air Waybill and commercial invoice. All items must be itemised with their own full description and value. Please note that items containing alcohol and tobacco will incur Excise Duty.

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Items containing food may need to have additional documentation and be subject to further checks which could result with additional charges. The shipment contains samples Samples can be imported to France without Duty or Tax charges as long as they meet the following French Customs conditions: Can only be used as samples. Are of a negligible value. Intended to obtain orders for the type of goods represented.

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My goods are second hand French Customs assess Duty and Tax liability regardless of age or previous ownership. If you purchase antiques or original artwork there is a reduced rate of VAT where goods meet the correct criteria. What if I no longer want the shipment? How do I reject the shipment?

Duties and Taxes

To be classed as a rejected import, your shipment must comply with the following French Customs criteria: the goods are defective, were damaged before clearing French Customs or do not comply with the suppliers terms and conditions of contract.

All claims must be made before the goods are returned or destroyed. All claims must be site népszerű meeting france within 12 months of the original entry to French Customs.

You will need to pay any Duties and Taxes to FedEx, and process a claim directly with French Customs to reject your shipment. Where can I find more information?

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Visit the French Customs dedicated website. If so please refer back to the message and use the link in the email or SMS to make your payment. Do you have a Duty and Tax invoice to pay? If so please pay it quickly and securely using our Online Payment portal.

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Are you a regular customer? Sign up to FedEx Billing Online to receive your invoices electronically, making things simpler whilst saving you time and paper. BACS Please email a remittance advice to paiements fedex. Please include your invoice number when making the payment.

Orbán to Meet Macron in Paris on Friday

All information is correct at time publication and FedEx accept no responsibility for information relating to third party contact details changing without prior notice. French Customs make the final decision on all imports.

Terms and conditions regarding your FedEx invoice are available by clicking here. Our Company.